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Hi everyone! Please join us as we take you on location and behind the scenes for J. Valentine, Inc.’s Clubwear Vol. 14 photo shoot. We had such a blast during this three day shoot and we just had to share it with our J. Valentine family. We hope you enjoy! Everyone at J. Valentine, Inc. wants to thank all of you for your continued love and support.

Working with Playboy Playmates Amanda Cerny and Heather Rae Young was such a thrill. And when you add International model Aspen Brandy Lea, that only increases the heat and excitement. Thank you Amanda, Heather Rae, and Aspen for helping make this one very sexy and fun photo-shoot!

We also wish to thank our fabulous “Beauty Specialist” Katarina Van Derham and “Photographers” Mitzi Valenzuela and Natalie Cisneros for all their hard work and dedication as always. You guys are the best!

If you would like to see our complete Clubwear, Swimwear, Costume and Streetwear collections, please visit us online at

And don’t forget to visit our “Josie Loves J. Valentine” collection online at


Amanda Cerny
Aspen Brandy Lea
Heather Rae Young

Beauty Specialist:
Katarina Van Derham

Mitzi Valenzuela
Natalie Cisneros

Brian Vasquez

Special Thanks to:
Sam Fard
Sahand Fard

Tim Berg - Seek Bromance (Electro Machine _ Remix 2011)
Dj raafa T & Dj Bruno Ferraz

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